Your Friend In Need!

For the elderly, simple chores can become a cause for huge worries. Buying grocery, going to the bank, picking up gifts, paying bills, managing finances, tasks that were ever so easy once, are now a big drain on their energy and health.  And the fear of the inevitable emergency — medical or otherwise — keeps them awake at night. At their age, they need all the help, support and care that they showered upon you when you were in their care.

At Care Unlimited, we understand your concern for your aged parents. We know you are forever scared that an emergency may strike just when you are travelling abroad! We understand how guilty you feel when you learn that they’ve had to skip a family reunion simply because as they could not arrange for transport on time. We realise how helpless you feel, living thousands of miles away, to pick-up the phone only to hear the pain in their voice.

Not any more though! All you have to do is pick up your phone and get in touch with us.

We offer you a unique bouquet of services, designed to meet the special needs of the elderly. From running errands to performing household chores to managing finances and tackling medical emergencies, we do them all. Our team of resource persons is specifically trained to engage with the aged and address their needs. So, hand over your worries and leave the rest to us.