Foundation of Care Unlimited

SuryaMr. Gupta was a software engineer by profession. At the peak of his long and illustrious career as the practice head in an MNC, he decided to give a shot to follow his heart’s calling — helping others. Then followed months of detailed research which confirmed what Gupta always knew — that elderly citizens living alone in urban areas are one of the most vulnerable sections of today’s society. Their needs are simple, their demands few; yet they find themselves alone in times of distress.

Devoting all his energy and resources to form a team to service this group, Gupta set up his dream project. Says Gupta, “I have felt the urge to help others from my childhood, probably on seeing my mother guide her students far beyond their academic needs. I started exploring the meaning of service almost 15 years back, and has been involved with several voluntary organizations – Rotary Club, Funding organization – ASHA for Education, NGO in Sundarban. Now I feel I have got a project that is fulfilling for me and my way of showing respect for the earlier generation.”