Assist in adapting to the changed perspective – a Story of life

A professor wanted to collect his pension physically as he wanted to continue to meet the people there. Collecting the pension from AG Bengal meant spending the whole day - submitting the documents, taken token, waiting for hours for his turn to collect the cheque. But he used to enjoy all these and considered this as a welcome outing with his wife.
As years passed, and he grew close to 80, waiting for the whole day without proper food was no longer fun. Moreover, he stated having challenges with signing documents. Thus completing the paper-works also became a challenge. However, changing to modern way of direct deposit to bank meant filling out a lot of form (not an easy task any longer), getting photos and signature attested by gazetted officer (older contacts are no longer working) . Thus the change posed a significant challenge in execution - and they continued to go to AG Bengal monthly to collect the pension. Once a pleasure trip is now a source of tension and anxiety.
Our team helped them to solve this problem, arranged & filed the papers on their behalf. We are rewarded with the relief of this elderly couple that they no longer need to make the monthly dreaded trip all the way to AG Bengal.

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