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First day outing for our extended family. We all went to Ecopark after having a brunch at home. We all reached there around 1:30pm. Spent a wonderful time at the butterfly park. Watching their different metamophosis phases live. The butterfly research team honoured our elderly by releasing a couple of butterfly free - they just got out of the pupa today.
The battery operated carts took them all around the park.
Our final stop was Ekante cafe, on the waterside, for a cup of coffee and light snacks. We are overwhelmed to see all of them so happy. Our Christmas present to all of them.
May Christmas and the new year be full of fun and love for all our well-wishers as well.IMG_20161221_144031884 IMG_20161221_144329075_HDR IMG_20161221_145327942 IMG-20161222-WA0016 IMG-20161222-WA0028 IMG-20161222-WA0030

IMG_20161214_120759329 IMG_20161214_122913385 IMG_20161214_123649647 IMG_20161214_131435918 IMG_20161214_140110810One of our elders decided to celebrate her daughter-in-laws birthday by treating the residents of Tollygunge Home with a lunch. We talked with the happy group of elderly to understand how they spend time and enjoy their life together. Some are engrossed with their own creativity, some volunteering in running the office. But one common thread - all who are capable does their own chores, and all are enjoying together in the huge piece of greenery in the heart of south Kolkata. the 100 plus year old buildings beside the pond full of ducks adding to the grandeur of the place.

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Had a great evening couple of days back with our extended family in a 3 hour cruise on the Ganges. We all enjoyed the sunset on Ganges across the Howrah bridge. While the walk from launch to Belur Math may be long and strenuous, but reaching in time of the sandhya arati was worth the effort. The service and food from Vivada was just fabulous. Equally spectacular was the view of the lights of Kolkata and Howrah from the dark waters on our way back.










Enthused by the warm memorable day our elders spent at the "Pujo Porikroma", they requested us many times to arrange another such gathering. Thus, we were delighted to organise a cultural evening : a Bijoya Sommiloni.
It was amazing how everyone shed inhibitions, opened up and performed spontaneously. The evening was replete with impromptu recitations, Rabindra Sangeet, solo performances, recounting funny anecdotes and tender recollections. No one remembered to sample the snacks or sip their tea! We are filled with wonderful memories and thank our lively, lovely members for giving us an opportunity to spend such a happy evening with them.

IMG_20161024_173654811 IMG_20161024_174312219 IMG_20161024_174710410 IMG_20161024_181130481 IMG_20161024_181516202 IMG_20161024_182837205 IMG_20161024_183451304

We took many of our elders for a pujo porikroma around south kolkata. We selected the pandals that can be viewed from the car. They saw more than 10 famous pujos. It was fun for all of them to go around together in a group.
End of the tour we assembled in our office. They relished home cooked bengali food in a relaxed environment.
Each one of them enjoyed keeping aside all age related concerns. We were very happy to gift them a memorable day.

adda after lunch
All together Bengali Lunch IMG_20161005_121538432_HDR IMG_20161005_123419953

Last two months were full of activities as we celebrated birthdays and anniversaries of a number of our family of elders. On a few occasions we even celebrated these on behalf of their children and gave them a pleasant surprise. On yet some others, we were pleasantly surprised when we were invited to family celebrations and made to feel an integral part of their families.

However, the cycle of life must carry on and bring with it periods of deep poignancy. We were reminded sharply of the inevitability of the passage of time as sorrow descended on us with the passing of one of our loving elders.

As a mark of respect to her, we are not posting any pictures of our fun activities.

We fondly recollect the wonderful warm memories that we gathered over the short span of our relationship of our association with her. How the energetic lady shared her knitting skills with one of our colleagues, despite her serious medical conditions. The priceless smile on her face when we all went out for a cup of tea.
May her soul rest in peace - Kakima you will always be in our memories.


Summer FB  Age is no bar to have fun, neither is weather or health. It is all about the mind-set. Lot of our elders proved it once we were able to kindle their desires - having phuchka on the roadside after years, going for a walk in the neighbourhood, mingling with the kids, going to Am-utshov to celebrate the mango season, going out just for a cup of coffee (first fun outing in several months - getting a break from going out only for medical reasons), or simply fulfilling a long standing wish of wearing a helmet. 
You do not need to plan big or think big - small things still matter a lot to them. We at Care Unlimited wish that our effort continue to be rewarded with these smiles.

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Nababarsha_2016  Our family at Care Unlimited is growing and many of our elder members were not in a mood to go out in this extreme heat. So we decided to celebrate at each of their home. Our team took time away from their own family to spend time with our elders. We got them something of their liking - sweets, snacks, flower plants, etc. And in all occasions without exception the elderly were so happy to see us. They loved spending quality time with us on the first day of the Bengali New Year. We were overwhelmed with love and well-wishes we got from them in a single day.

It was a big task to visit everyone on the same day - but collective effort from the whole team made it look easy. And it was worth it - from the pleasures we derived from their happiness.

Subho Naboborsho to the friends and well-wishers of Care Unlimited.

20151226_182054              IMG-20151227-WA0002

A number of our elder members had their children visiting them over the year end. We asked the others how they want to enjoy the year end and get into the festive moods of Christmas & New Year. Couple of elder ladies wanted see the lights of Park Street.

Yesterday, 26th December, 2015, we from Care Unlimited took them for a drive through Park Street area. They met each other the first time, however it took few minutes for them to break the ice & enjoy each other's company. We stopped at Flury's to have some tea and snacks. It was a very satisfying experience for us too to see them enjoying together - one of them is coming back to Flury's after 40 years. They went on talking about their experience of their youth - memories and stories from the past kept flowing one after another.

These small happiness which we are able to give them makes us feel more motivated to do our work more sincerely & thought sharing these lovely moments with everyone

A professor wanted to collect his pension physically as he wanted to continue to meet the people there. Collecting the pension from AG Bengal meant spending the whole day - submitting the documents, taken token, waiting for hours for his turn to collect the cheque. But he used to enjoy all these and considered this as a welcome outing with his wife.
As years passed, and he grew close to 80, waiting for the whole day without proper food was no longer fun. Moreover, he stated having challenges with signing documents. Thus completing the paper-works also became a challenge. However, changing to modern way of direct deposit to bank meant filling out a lot of form (not an easy task any longer), getting photos and signature attested by gazetted officer (older contacts are no longer working) . Thus the change posed a significant challenge in execution - and they continued to go to AG Bengal monthly to collect the pension. Once a pleasure trip is now a source of tension and anxiety.
Our team helped them to solve this problem, arranged & filed the papers on their behalf. We are rewarded with the relief of this elderly couple that they no longer need to make the monthly dreaded trip all the way to AG Bengal.