First day outing for our extended family. We all went to Ecopark after having a brunch at home. We all reached there around 1:30pm. Spent a wonderful time at the butterfly park. Watching their different metamophosis phases live. The butterfly research team honoured our elderly by releasing a couple of butterfly free - they just got out of the pupa today.
The battery operated carts took them all around the park.
Our final stop was Ekante cafe, on the waterside, for a cup of coffee and light snacks. We are overwhelmed to see all of them so happy. Our Christmas present to all of them.
May Christmas and the new year be full of fun and love for all our well-wishers as well.IMG_20161221_144031884 IMG_20161221_144329075_HDR IMG_20161221_145327942 IMG-20161222-WA0016 IMG-20161222-WA0028 IMG-20161222-WA0030

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