Couple of weeks back, we had our Bejoya Sommiloni... It was a gathering which all of us were looking forward to... our seniors had been demanding the same since the Pujo Porikroma. We all sat in a nice big circle ; talked about pujo & bijoya at their times and current times. We got to hear some lovely stories from the yonder days - relived those moments. Everyone got involved in animated discussions about their own stories. There was also some impromptu songs and recitations along with "singara and misti".... None of realized how the couple of hours passed by so quickly...

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A wonderful beginning of the days of festivities! We had our third "Pujo Porikroma" yesterday.. before the start of the Pujo to bit the crowd... everyone was excited from the beginning of the week for the upcoming mega event. We all gathered together , and had tea while waiting for the bus... We all hopped on to the bus, and started cruising through the traffic - slowing down further at the famous Pandals of south Kolkata. Mesmerized by the beauty of the Pandals, many a times, despite their physical challenges, they could not suppress their desire to get down. Luckly we could take a few munites stop at Adi Ballygunge, Hindustan Park before taking them to enter the pandal of Samaj Sebi.... Most of them wanted another stop at Mudiali as the pandal was spectacular, but unfortunately there was no place to park. We finally took all of them to Saptaparni for our traditional Pujo lunch. Everyone of our seniors enjoyed this few hours to the maximum ...

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9th Sept. 2018

Our last get together started late afternoon with the splendid songs from one of our seniors - she performed in front of others after several decades. Then the awesome performance of "Tin Roy" with coordinated efforts from our elders supported by our team members. You could see their excitement to perform in front of a 50 strong audience. It was fun to listen to some of our favourite childhood stories and lyrics in the voice of our elders.

The next performance, Debotar Gras, by the kids from Prachcho, was so lively yet so touching, that everyone stood up in applause at the end. The evening brought a different flavour - the seniors and the kids performing for each other. We, as facilitators, watched the wonderful interaction of the two diverse groups, and their appreciation for each othe    No automatic alt text available.   Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments and people sittingImage may contain: one or more people and indoor    Image may contain: one or more people




We had a long break in our group events, to let the summer heat pass by. We planned the recent gathering as a pure "Bangali'r Chaye r Adda" - an open format session where everyone participated. Sandwich and coffee was served in between. We played some music from old movies which portray a great era and creat the environment. Our elder members shared their own experiences of their past life - many relating to watching movies in their early days. All of them was in down memory lane. We are very lucky to get some beautiful stories from them. Their engagement level was evident from the faces radiating satisfaction and happiness even after the program.

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Doing it together is fun - this year's nababorsho celebration was full of fun. Under Santanu's guidance we formed a performing team with several of our elders and our care advisors. After the first reharsal, everyone was so excited, they gathered for two more reharsals. The tension was evident amongst the performers before the show. But the show matched any professional group, and everyone spellbound. It was a spotless performance, and will give us energy to repeat such ventures in future. This was followed by lovely oldies by our guest artist Arpita, and had the whole room humming to her sweet melodies..1      2  4                                             5 3




Happy and Prosperous New year to all the friends and well-wishers of Care Unlimited. May the festive season bring all the happiness in your life. Taking this opportunity to share a good news - our philosophy about non-critical support service and the associated model has been published in November issue of "Your Health" an Indian Medical Association publication.

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Our elders were requesting for a picnic quite a while. We took them to a lesser known picnic spot at eco urban village earlier in February. It was a great treat to watch them enjoy the day with song dance and recitation. We served fuchka before lunch and they were so happy that we had to serve another round before leaving. None of us knew how the four hours passed by as all were having a gala time. It was a great day outing while the weather was still favorable.

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The Heritage Tram tour - The lesser known service of Kolkata Tram Company allowed us to take our elders down the memory lane in the comfort of private AC tram coach. The nostalgia associated with moving tram was enhanced by the journey through Presidency College, Medical college, Star theater, Thantania Kakibari... Kindled the old memories... Santanu and Saswati built the ambiance through appropriate lyrics and melody, and soon everyone else joined in including the tram conductor... The added attraction was Santanu's commentary as we passed notable places and Sudeep organizing singara from Putiram, Shau's chop and Nakur's sandesh to give us a flavour of the famous age old food joints... A lovely late afternoon outing with a different flavour to cherish the slight chill in the air...
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We had our bijoya sommiloni last week. It was a day dedicated to our elders' performance. Lamp lighting by the eldest member. Followed by slokas from our newest member. Then there were songs, recitation, solo performance. The day's highlight - we engaged them in games. During audio visual quiz, it was a surprise to see how they racked their brains to get the answer. While there was an initial no, but everyone talked about an event from life based on the chit they got in lottery. We were successful in having an interactive evening with the whole group.

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