Bringing a smile on their face

Summer FB  Age is no bar to have fun, neither is weather or health. It is all about the mind-set. Lot of our elders proved it once we were able to kindle their desires - having phuchka on the roadside after years, going for a walk in the neighbourhood, mingling with the kids, going to Am-utshov to celebrate the mango season, going out just for a cup of coffee (first fun outing in several months - getting a break from going out only for medical reasons), or simply fulfilling a long standing wish of wearing a helmet. 
You do not need to plan big or think big - small things still matter a lot to them. We at Care Unlimited wish that our effort continue to be rewarded with these smiles.

2 thoughts on “Bringing a smile on their face

  1. This article is just amazing.
    I'm going to share on my facebook because my friends have to read it too.
    BTW what do you think about Brexit? Is it good for Britain?


    1. adminsurya

      Thanks for your comments. It is a new experience everyday, working with elders. Do share our experience, this will help all of us to think differently.

      On BREXIT, my take is we humans love to move in cycles. Era of "World is Flat" is over - across everywhere I see the trend of maximizing regional or local benefits (instead of global). :-)


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