Celebrating the Festive moods of the year end

20151226_182054              IMG-20151227-WA0002

A number of our elder members had their children visiting them over the year end. We asked the others how they want to enjoy the year end and get into the festive moods of Christmas & New Year. Couple of elder ladies wanted see the lights of Park Street.

Yesterday, 26th December, 2015, we from Care Unlimited took them for a drive through Park Street area. They met each other the first time, however it took few minutes for them to break the ice & enjoy each other's company. We stopped at Flury's to have some tea and snacks. It was a very satisfying experience for us too to see them enjoying together - one of them is coming back to Flury's after 40 years. They went on talking about their experience of their youth - memories and stories from the past kept flowing one after another.

These small happiness which we are able to give them makes us feel more motivated to do our work more sincerely & thought sharing these lovely moments with everyone

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