A wonderful beginning of the days of festivities! We had our third "Pujo Porikroma" yesterday.. before the start of the Pujo to bit the crowd... everyone was excited from the beginning of the week for the upcoming mega event. We all gathered together , and had tea while waiting for the bus... We all hopped on to the bus, and started cruising through the traffic - slowing down further at the famous Pandals of south Kolkata. Mesmerized by the beauty of the Pandals, many a times, despite their physical challenges, they could not suppress their desire to get down. Luckly we could take a few munites stop at Adi Ballygunge, Hindustan Park before taking them to enter the pandal of Samaj Sebi.... Most of them wanted another stop at Mudiali as the pandal was spectacular, but unfortunately there was no place to park. We finally took all of them to Saptaparni for our traditional Pujo lunch. Everyone of our seniors enjoyed this few hours to the maximum ...

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