Pujo porikroma 2017 - This was the day we all were looking forward to for a long time. After the success of puja porikroma last year, the expectations were high. We had some hiccups in the beginning due to pre puja traffic, and had a slight delayed start.

But once we got everyone together, it was a fun all the way. Everyone was glad to see each other in the same bus. The snail pace was not a bother, as the melody from Saswati and others filled the bus. Requests for songs kept pouring in... We saw some amazing work of art in the pandals. Stopped at Ballygunge Cultural, where everyone got down to see the durga idol. Samaj sebi pandal was at stones throw, some ventured there as well. Then was the next phase of pandal dorshon, followed by lunch at our office. The home-cooked food had all enjoy the meal without inhibition. It was immense pleasure to see everyone happy - enabling them with a nice start to the festive season.

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