Finance Operations

  • Cash withdrawal from bank/post office, renewal of FDs
  • Assistance in automating bill payments where applicable
  • Organizing financial papers, assist in expense planning, tax filing

Health Management

  • Provide weekly health  updates on our observations, help to find the right medical support
  • Accompany on doctor’s visit
  • Support on daily basis in case of an emergency

Engagement Facilitation

  • Focus on building relationship with your parents
  • Enable and engage them in activity of their liking
  • Give simple suggestions to improve the experience of aging

Support Services Enablement

  • Our care givers will follow-up with any vendors or suppliers for completion of services. We have got extended team to assist in their needs in various areas as required

Service Delivery Framework

  • Every week there will be a scheduled visit with brief email update provided to next of kin.
  • Weekly adhoc visits may be used at regular manner or may be clubbed together for a longer overlap to facilitate entertainment or doctor’s visit accompaniment.
  • Financial record update once a month with cash withdrawal up to twice a month.
  • Health related issues will be enquired during scheduled visit and GP visit arranged if required.
  • We will leverage our network for operational support as required. Third Party charges will be transparent without any mark-up.