The Cycle of life must carry on

Last two months were full of activities as we celebrated birthdays and anniversaries of a number of our family of elders. On a few occasions we even celebrated these on behalf of their children and gave them a pleasant surprise. On yet some others, we were pleasantly surprised when we were invited to family celebrations and made to feel an integral part of their families.

However, the cycle of life must carry on and bring with it periods of deep poignancy. We were reminded sharply of the inevitability of the passage of time as sorrow descended on us with the passing of one of our loving elders.

As a mark of respect to her, we are not posting any pictures of our fun activities.

We fondly recollect the wonderful warm memories that we gathered over the short span of our relationship of our association with her. How the energetic lady shared her knitting skills with one of our colleagues, despite her serious medical conditions. The priceless smile on her face when we all went out for a cup of tea.
May her soul rest in peace - Kakima you will always be in our memories.

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