Social Support

As an organization Care Unlimited is always looking for ways to help the community. Our work extends not just towards our family of elders but to others that are marginalized and vulnerable in society. It is our initiative to be a facilitator to connect, to bring together and help others less privileged. It gives us an opportunity to have our extended family of elders involved in a social context where they are able to participate and to give back to the community, be it financial, emotional or in an academic way. They contribute their time, experience and even sponsor towards these projects. Highlighting some of the out-reach program Care Unlimited is involved in. We encourage anyone interested in social support activities to get in touch with us. We will happy to facilitate or collaborate as the case may be.

Bijoygarh Sikshaniketan Girls High School

Sarbasiksha mission has built a residential facility for BPL children within the compound of Bijoygarh Sikshaniketan for Girls (Seconday section). This residential facility houses more than 100 girls from class 2 to class 10. Maya Foundation has been in charge of running this facility for more than four years. The girls are provided with a very good environment for self development while keeping focus on their hygiene and nutrition. Interacting with Maya Foundation, we found this facility offers a great opportunity to engage the seniors in the city who have been in the teaching line or have harbored the dream of grooming kids. Care Unlimited started a relationship based model between the seniors and the young girls from 2018. Each senior got aligned to one class and spend two hours with them every week to address their challenges in studies, improving their English communications. As they move to the next class, the senior continues with the same group. This allows the young girls to have a granny, allows them to open up over time, and leverage this opportunity to get exposure to the different external world through a different pair of eyes.

Kalyan Sangha, Chandra, Bankura

Sanat Kumar ShishuBidyalaya, a children’s school was established in 1970 as part of the Kalyan Sangha organisation. This organisation is committed to the welfare of women and children. They run a creche, ShishuLalonee for marginalized tribal women who work. Sanat Kumar pre-primary school was founded in 2014 to provide an overall learning experience through music, poems, drawing and educational play activities. Special care is taken to foster a comprehensive development of the children’s physical and mental faculties and reduce school drop out rates. Another initiative is the Women’s Skill Development and Production unit. Sewing classes are held to teach skills and eventuate in earning for the women. Similarly, 2 machines that produce Shal leaves plates are installed and local tribal women gather, prepare and supply the Shal leaves that are turned into plates for sale, thereby creating a source of income for the women. Care Unlimited facilitated a bio gas project at Kalyan Sanghya. We have organized donation towards the purchase of computers for the children. We visit this NGO in the tribal area of Bankura to understand their needs and assist them wherever possible.


The Society for the Protection of Children in India (S.P.C.I) was founded in 1898. It is the first and oldest child protective society in Eastern India and was formed as a voluntary organisation to protect destitute and orphaned children. The society was initially founded to provide shelter to neglected, unprotected and abandoned children and to help protect them from immoral activities and danger. A hostel was established in 1944. By the time of India’s independence, a permanent hostel was built in Joka, at the current site of Bijoy Bhumi, housing 100 destitute children. Today it includes a fully accredited residential primary school with 225 students who are provided education, boarding and lodging. After primary education, the residents are sent to government recognized high schools for study up to Year 10. Besides school education, they are also provided training in sewing, knitting, music, computer training and other vocational training so that they are able to gain employment after schooling. The society is run by an executive committee and Hostel Management Team. Care unlimited has been involved in supporting the operations of SPCI. We along with our extended family have sponsored a few fun-filled days for the girls. We intend to gather more social support for development of the girls at SPCI.


The Calcutta Metropolitian Institute of Gerontology is an accredited center for Resource and Training for the Ageing and is a recognized and valued institute for courses and research on geriatric care. They offer a range of services that are pivotal to the needs of the elderly community. They provide day care centers and mobile medical units for the underprivileged elderly. Care Unlimited has facilitated a few lunches for the elders at the day care centers along with appropriate gifts over last few years.

The East India Charitable Trust – Tollygunge Home

The East India Charitable Trust was formed in 1949 to bring together smaller charities to form a cohesive whole, to make charity a way of life, of benevolence, giving and caring. One of their units is Tollygunge Home, that houses residents who have no relatives or means of support. The organisation provides lodging and boarding at no cost. Care Unlimited has facilitated several interactive sessions with the seniors some over lunch and some over tea to engage them in a more meaningful way. We joined hands during their Christmas program and for their annual sports.

Sikshaniketan, Bardhaman, Palla Road

Care Unlimited joined hand with IIM Joka in a project called “Next Connect”. NexConnect is an Online Live teaching -learning platform that connects quality teachers with all kinds of learners from urban, semi-urban and rural areas through interactive on-line live teaching and training sessions using audio-visual content following board/course specific curriculum. Care Unlimited facilitated the remote teaching project with Sikshaniketan whereby tribal children had access to education. We had some of our seniors, ex-teachers, participate in this program as teachers in 2016 & 2017. Care Unlimited also facilitated a project on Women Empowerment on Jute bags manufacturing at home in 2017. We organized a trainer for the house-wives, who typically have their afternoon free. After the training, they were supplied with material and sewing machine to stitch shoulder bags at home. These were marketed at the local stores by Sikshaniketan. This became a self sustaining model after a year of support.