Since 2015

Care Unlimited commenced in 2015. It saw the need for support for our older citizens. A demographic that is often lonely as family and friends become fewer and distanced. Natural degeneration, less social interaction due to mobility issues, loss of confidence and social neglect prevents them from pursuing an active and fulfilling life. It is accepted in society that old age results in these problems and so the general population ignores the pain and isolation of senior citizens, leaving them even more alone. This is the time when they benefit from a strong support system, to help them overcome their disability and renew their passions and interests and feel confident.

The Story Of Care Unlimited

Suryasish Gupta was a software engineer by profession. At the peak of his long and illustrious career as the practice head in an MNC, he decided to give a shot to follow his heart’s calling — helping others. Devoting all his energy and resources to form a team to service this group, Suryasish set up his dream project in October 2014. Says Surya, “I have felt the urge to help others from my childhood. I started exploring the meaning of service almost 15 years back, and have been involved with several voluntary organizations – Rotary Club, Funding organization – ASHA for Education, NGO in Sundarban. Now I feel I have got my unique way of showing respect to the earlier generation. We have formed a happy extended family. We are beside each other during the times of joy as well as in difficult times. ” Today after 5 years, Care Unlimited has been successful in journeying to their vision to be able to make a difference to the senior citizens of Kolkata. However, the road is long and wide and there is much more to be achieved. The message is loud and clear that positive mental state that includes a zest for life, ability to laugh and have fun, optimism, self-esteem is not just for the young but for all ages, especially our elderly citizens. And Care Unlimited is committed in being a vehicle for change to be able to improve the physical and mental wellbeing as well as the quality of life for the elder community. It is gratifying to watch the progress of our elderly extended family who has gained immense confidence, even participating in cultural programs, socialising, actively pursuing their talents and looking forward to another day with positivity. Besides support, creative and active projects are crucial to aging well.

Our team is our pride

Our compassionate and dedicated staff strive to achieve a successful outcome for all our members. They aim to provide a professional, consistent and reliable service including competent crisis management. They become a part of the family and endeavour to provide personalised care at all times.

Mission & Vision

Build everlasting relationships with our Elderly Members.

Aging stereotypes exist and we want to change that. Care Unlimited is emphatic in its vision to ‘change the experience of old age through active aging and meaningful engagement’. It has been clear right from the start that its services are for creating a difference in the lives of the elderly. It is not to provide emergency services but to make meaningful relationships with their clients, providing them with a reliable support system, become a surrogate family member who will listen to them, help them with their chores, engage with them and reduce their loneliness.