What is Care Unlimited?

Answer:  Care Unlimited is an organization that provides non-critical care at home service for the elderly with minimum commercial fine prints. We believe elderly home care is a relationship based service and should not be bounded by scope of services. Thus our Care Advisers assist in almost all areas where the elderly may need support. They also often extend beyond the framework of duration or visits, if needed.

What is the service model of Care Unlimited?

Answer:  We have three models - Standard (two visits a week); Regular (two visits a fortnight), Intermittent (two visits a month). Each visits will be of one and half hour on an average. A visit may be at home or accompanying them for some outside work. In case a single visit consume more than three hours, it will be adjusted by dropping a visit later. We will assign a primary care adviser and a secondary care adviser. Two of them together will cover all the activities for the elderly.

Why should we choose Care Unlimited?

Answer:  We offer personalized service - we customize the support as per the needs of the elderly. Our Director makes a personal home visit on a regular basis. Thus all elderly will be direct access to him. We support through matured Care Advisers. All our care advisers are middle aged, and have experience in handling elderly. The elderly loves having a matured person for listening to their challenges and who can easily relate to their stories. Once a service model is fixed, there are rarely any additional charges. We understand the type of support as well as the number of visits needed may vary from time to time. We provide additional coverage if required, and will typically try to waive additional charges. This gives the elderly comfort to call us for any need, without having to worry about charges. The profession structure of our service provides regular updates, as well as summary of the visits on a monthly basis.

What services will be provided by Care Unlimited?

Answer:  Our service offering covers financial operations, health management, engagement in life, support service facilitation. Specific details of all these areas can be found in our brochure or web-site. Be it banking, be it going to the doctor, be it getting hold of a repair person, be it going out to a relative's place - you will find us beside you. You need to tell us what regular activities is a botheration to you, we will find a solution for it. However, if you enjoy doing it - we will not take it away. Most importantly we will be spending quality time with you and always be just a phone call away.

What if we need more visits than the subscribed model?

Answer:  We will try to accommodate additional visits as long as it is not too high (less than 50% of the planned visits). If the additional visits becomes a regular need, then we will get into a discussion on how to reduce them or change to a model with higher visits. Any extra charges, if any, will be mutually agreed upon. If a significant high number of visits are required, may be because of some medical situation, we will try to support our best. Commercial implication of the extra time involved will be prorated based rate of the subscribed model - and will be billed only after discussion and mutual agreement after the situation is over.

What do the service charges cover?

Answer:  The service charges cover the time spent by Care Unlimited team. Any third party charges need to be paid directly to the third party or paid in advance to care adviser. In case the care adviser is accompanying the elderly, all expenses of the care adviser need to be reimbursed.

I am looking for emergency coverage, how can Care Unlimited help me?

Answer:  Care Unlimited does not provide emergency coverage. We will however help to make a plan in advance to ensure that the household is adequately prepared to handle an emergency. We will provide suggestions of Hospitals or organizations where one can enroll to get emergency coverage. We will also try to assist if notified of emergency, but since our operation is not designed for such coverage - it will not be prudent to depend on us.

Do I need to provide personal and financial information to the organization?

Answer:  It is not mandatory to provide copy of any documentation to Care Unlimited, and we will definitely not take the originals. Relevant information can always be shared on as needed basis. However, our experience shows sharing PAN card and address proof helps us in quickly close activities with other providers.

Are you going to accompany my parents in a trip?

Answer:  This is not a part of our services. However, we will be happy to explore the same if required.

Will I get the details of the Care Adviser visiting our home?

Answer:  Details of all the Care Adviser is kept in our organization before engaging them with any client. We will be happy to share the same with you if you desire so.