Service Coverage

Financial Operations Health Management Engagement in Life Service Facilitation
Expense planning Facilitate on-call doctor Visits from our staff Arrange repair service
Banking Operations Accompany to Doctor visits Friend, counsellor, guide Facilitate nursing support
Basic IT help Medical update Outings as required Computer service
Bill Payment Organise Ambulance Support talent and passions Food delivery
Medical Insurance Organise medical support Regular events to attend Grocery buying
Cash Withdrawal / Deposits Medicine management Socialising with new/ old friends Anything you may need

Success In Our Services

In the last 4 + years, Care Unlimited has delivered its services with success stories. With a small team, it is providing service to more than 25 clients, all who today call the organisation a life changer. ‘Engagement in Life’ is the philosophy and each client is a valued family member who is supported physically and emotionally. Every senior member is provided personalised service with flexibility and empathy. A bi weekly visit, that lasts about a couple of hours, includes personalised services including physical assistance to accompany them on chores (to the bank, doctor or shopping) or outdoor activities. The main idea is to reduce the stress associated with these activities. The other objective is to become a friend, guidance counsellor who they can rely on for support. The service offering covers help in financial operations, health management and a solutions-based engagement in life. This support system has resulted in a clear success outcome among the many elders that Care Unlimited today call as their extended family. The biggest success story has been two things. The self-development that has enabled them to re develop their talents and passions with a support system to help them nurture their talents and encouraged to develop those that they will enjoy. They have gained confidence to be able to perform solo and collectively at events. Passions are reignited and our clients now have interests that they pursue. The other is the social network that has increased in their lives. With regular events scheduled by Care Unlimited, like picnics, excursions, celebrations of festivals, the clients are constantly interacting with each other and this becomes their new social connection and something they look forward to.